Gastronomic Selection
Made from the exact same juice as the one used to make our sweet wines, the rich and mature aromatic expression is kept. The absence of sugar provides astonishing freshness enveloped in a lot of substance and length.
It will reveal the subtlety of scallops, grilled or smoked salmon, goose, duck or pork potted meat. The "Sec dé Prat" unprecedented profile of "sugar free sweet wine" is ideal with warm foie gras. It will amplify its aromas while making it easily digestible.The aromas developed during ageing are similar to the one found in sweet wines from our region (truffle, mango, candied citrus fruits...)
Designed to be the best companion for the good food from the south west of France, the equilibrium is deliberately bent towards freshness. With 50% Petit Manseng, the aromatic structure is wide and solid to match full bodied dishes.
After natural fermentation in oak barrels during one year, only a few of our Gros Manseng casks will develop the necessary profile that will qualify them for "Bi dé Casau". Another year in a single stainless steel tank will be necessary to refine the assembly. The final result is a very unusual feeling for a supposedly sweet wine. Duck confit or grilled magret, ceps omelette, cured raw ham, sheep's cheese, there is a long list of dishes with character that will find here their match.
Twenty rows firmly grounded in a river of pebbles. An alliance the like of which you rarely come across between the great aromatic virtues of Petit Manseng grape and the elegance brought by a draining soil. Depth, length, density and complexity without any heaviness.
The very surprising final minerality wipes the residual sweetness to let the mouth longing for more. Excellent on its own, this is an exceptional gastronomy wine. Lobster, truffle, blue cheese... if your dish is tasty and rich: try the pairing, you might be close to a sensual revelation.

RAW Wines

When the grapes are perfect and everything goes well during the elaboration process, there is no need to add sulphites at any point. It takes extensive care, attention and a bit of luck to reach this goal while continuing to use traditional wine making process which is, by nature, long and low tech. The end result
is worth the effort as it keeps all the attributes of our october dry wine Sec dé Prat with additional complexity, length and drinkability.Our first success at this exercise was achieved in 2012 and, up to now, the wine is ageing very well.
Our first attempt at making a sulphite-free sweet wine gave birth to a very complex wine where the typical fruit aromas of sun-dried Manseng grappe share the stage with a mix of yellow wine from Jura and Xeres from Spain.
With its very strong personality, it will not leave you without an opinion. If it fits your taste, then try it with some hard cheese or nut cake.