Whilst the origins of Jurançon wines can be traced back to the 10th century, we have only managed to recover the names of the Guirardel wine makers back to the 16th century. During all those years, the family always kept the winegrowing activity running on our unique hillside, where the vines express themselves in such a particular way.
Many years and countless careful attentions are needed to turn grapes into golden bottles of wines, from which will flow pleasure, laughter and conviviality. Fifteen generations (in yellow below) have succeeded one another, in order to carry to our vibrant and hectic 21st century the ancestral tradition of valuing the respect of nature's unaltered pace.

Chronologie Guirardel
The torch is now in the hands of Françoise Casaubieilh, (eldest daughter of Anne-Marie Guirardel) and her husband Pierre Coulomb. We both worked for fifteen years as engineers in the semi-conductors industry. Designing, verifying, marketing and selling integrated circuits. We have lived our fair share of travels, meetings, cost reductions and social plans. So in August 2008, just having turned 40, after two years of weighting pros and cons, we decided to run away from an industry that is now just another branch of the financial world. Françoise had just graduated in agriculture and before we finished unpacking we had to pick the grapes. No time for further thoughts, it was time for action.

Françoise et Pierre

The learning curve has to be fast when one directly dives into the deep. Luckily, the experience of previous generations could be transmitted once again. Winemakers's solidarity is a reality in the Jurançon area: several of our colleagues helped us to learn our new job, stood by us and supported us when our doubts gave us sleepless nights. Preserving the fundamental constituents of Guirardel's Jurançon DNA whilst making the best use of today's knowledge and tools in order to improve them; being able to capture in each bottle the complex flavors from the tiniest ounce of our land: this is our course of action. Perpetuating the strong link between those who make wine and those who drink it is our reward.