Sheltered in 18th century's buildings, the long and natural
fermentations happen in 400 liter barrels. They are followed by a 9 months minimum maturation time on fine lees, still in French oak or acacia barrels.

Only the yeast from the cellar or from the grape's skin are at work; we do not introduce any exogenous organism in our production process. Each cask will develop its own and unique personality, depending on natural parameters far too complex to be fully controlled. One fruity, one floral, on spices or crystallized fruits, on the sweeter or tenser side: the final combination of these individualities will give the richness, the depth and complexity of each wine from Domaine Guirardel. The blend happens in stainless steel vat. The final balance is reached after 3 to 12 months. The highest the diversity and complexity of the barrels composing a wine, the longer the mix time needed to reach a homogeneous aromatic structure.

Ancestral natural methods,
modern thinking and installations, rigor and above all: passion.

Grape juice is the only and single ingredient used in our cellar. Minimal sulphites might be used at bottling if needed.

It is with time and patience that the wine maker will be able to extract from grapes picked at the right maturity the natural antioxidants that will make additives redundant. Year after year we improve our methods to reduce or even prevent the use of sulphites in our wines. They get more complex, keep part of the
aromas from the original grape juice they are made from, more 'alive' and easily digestible.

Then, the wine is bottled, the bottles stored in the cellar and another period of patience will be required to let the wine settle in its new environment and reach its full potential. A few months later, a new balance will be reached and the pleasure will finally flow.

Nothing is definitive with natural products; the corks provide an additional maturation process. Year after year, the aromas evolve; the color slowly turns from sunshine to gold and will become amber after a few decades.