Facing south, deep-rooted in a hillside, our vines gaze upon
the Pyrenees.
Situated at an altitude between 185 and 225 meters, the slope is steep and the soil is shingly. Low water retention, high calorific energy storage : an ideal combination to reach high level of concentration.

Being 15-year-old on average, our vineyards are of Petit Manseng (75 %) and Gros Manseng (25 %). Established for several centuries, these endemic varieties are adapted to our microclimate. Pre-mountain under
moderated oceanic influence, its pluviometry is regular and its annual thermal amplitude is low. The Foehn, hot and dry wind from Spain, blows in October. It extracts the water from the mature grapes, concentrating the juice: this is called "passerillage".

A single aim: grape quality

 Engaged in organic production methods

The pruning is short to favor the quality of the grape and the health of the plant by limiting the yield. We started the conversion to organic culture in 2012 and received the official certification for it in 2015. We work in favour of the installation of a balanced eco-system which does not depend on regular use of fertilizers. We do not use any weed killer and lower as much as possible the usage of phytosanitary products (even the organic approved ones). We use essential oils, dye mother, herbal infusions to stimulate and help the immune system of vines.

All done by hand, with family or with friends, and always in a good mood, the grape picking is only made when the sun is out. By successive passes from the middle of October until mid-December for late harvests, each grape is taken at the perfect maturity.
Depending on the vintage and the land plot, yields are situated between 12 and 25 hl / ha..